Annoying drivers… 

Why are some people so completely incompetent or ignorant when driving!? We were on our way home the other night, and we’re behind 2 cars that didn’t seem to have any idea about how to drive. I’m serious, we were driving on the A16 and if anyone knows that road, you will know it’s an easy road to drive. It’s mostly a 60 road with a few 50, 40 and 30 zones. So these two cars we were following decided they were going to drive at 50 pretty much the whole time! 50 in the 60 is infuriating!! Especially when the cars at EVERY SINGLE BEND decides to slam on their brakes (completely unnecessary) and slow to 40! Then we’d be back on the straight and continue at 50, and they would stay at 50, through the 60, the 50, the 40 and even the 30 zones! What is wrong with people!? Do they just find a speed they like and stick to it!? I mean I can’t even justify their slow driving in a 60 by saying they must be a nervous driver because they quite clearly don’t care about speed limits etc elsewhere! People like this are dangerous and should not be allowed to drive. If you’re one of these people please try to adjust to speed limits, they’re there for a reason! If you’ve had this same problem, please comment to let us know about it! 

– Grumpy young women 


The ‘perfect body’ Or what Men ‘actually want’ – Bull Crap!

We live in a society where both women and men, boys and girls are being told by random strangers what the ‘perfect’ body is or what ‘men actually’ want – this to me is a load of rubbish! There is no particular types of women all men want, shock horror ladies, men are individuals too and have individual tastes. On another note all these posts I see that have Disney princesses with ‘realistic’ bodies that have actually just been dawn as over-weight, are not representing everyone or the ‘realistic’ body, because again hate to break it to you, bodies come in all shapes and sizes and women and men should be allowed to feel comfortable in themselves, but this also does not mean you can make being under or over-weight okay… because being unhealthy IS NOT OKAY and people deserve help not punishment or rewards for being unhealthy. Also I’ll let you in on a secret now, Disney characters aren’t real… give your kids some credit to figure this out for themselves, I grew up around Disney princesses and not once did I think you know what… that’s how a real woman looks. Oh wait hang on the women I see in real life actually represent real women. My mother helped me see what a real woman was, she showed me to not care what other people thought and made me feel comfortable in my own body. As a child I was under-weight, naturally, I ate – quite a lot but still didn’t seem to put weight on like ‘normal’ children. Adults used to walk past me and my mum and whisper to each other about how they thought i must be anorexic and why isn’t my mother doing anything about it, they didn’t know me, they didn’t know my mum, yet somehow they felt they were allowed to comment (loud enough for us to hear) on me and my body. I felt ashamed of my body for a while, stupidly wishing I could be like my friends and have to diet (the thoughts teenagers have eh?). I am now a healthy 24 year old, who has all of a sudden gained a lot more weight, I would now be considered a normal weight for my height and age, but that is a recent thing, some people just take longer to look the way everyone else wants them to. I was under-weight yes, but I was healthy, I climbed trees, played outside, was very active and ate a-lot, I just had a high metabolism. What is confusing kids these days and making them feel body shamed are you people on social media posting about the ‘ideal body’. Please think before you speak or post.