Annoying drivers… 

Why are some people so completely incompetent or ignorant when driving!? We were on our way home the other night, and we’re behind 2 cars that didn’t seem to have any idea about how to drive. I’m serious, we were driving on the A16 and if anyone knows that road, you will know it’s an easy road to drive. It’s mostly a 60 road with a few 50, 40 and 30 zones. So these two cars we were following decided they were going to drive at 50 pretty much the whole time! 50 in the 60 is infuriating!! Especially when the cars at EVERY SINGLE BEND decides to slam on their brakes (completely unnecessary) and slow to 40! Then we’d be back on the straight and continue at 50, and they would stay at 50, through the 60, the 50, the 40 and even the 30 zones! What is wrong with people!? Do they just find a speed they like and stick to it!? I mean I can’t even justify their slow driving in a 60 by saying they must be a nervous driver because they quite clearly don’t care about speed limits etc elsewhere! People like this are dangerous and should not be allowed to drive. If you’re one of these people please try to adjust to speed limits, they’re there for a reason! If you’ve had this same problem, please comment to let us know about it! 

– Grumpy young women 


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